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Grand Illusion Hard Cider A History of Our Building

Printing Press

From its days as the home of Archibald Louden’s first color printing press in America, to the cider bar you know and love, our building has seen a lot of history.

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Portrait of Dr. Horn

In the late 1800s, it housed a drug store owned by a Dickinson College Physics Graduate. The 1900s saw a dry cleaner and fur storage facility, a furniture and appliance store, a couple hat shops, a beauty salon, an optician, an accounting firm, a financial advisor, and a lawyer’s office. The building has been transformed from a white two-story log structure in the 18th century, to the first pressed-brick building in Carlisle, to the Most Magical Cider Bar in the World.

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Grand Illusion History

To find out more, stop by Grand Illusion Hard Cider and check out our new History Wall. It’s a museum-like exhibit highlighting our building’s stories through the ages. We hope you enjoy it!

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